At Animal Welfare Expertise we place objectivity at the heart of our work. We use science and experience to produce unbiased results and recommendations on animal welfare. 

We OFFER the following services:

Comprehensive welfare assessments designed for populations, groups or individuals


Policy development for your own on-site welfare protocols and evaluations


Staff training on what animal welfare is, how to discuss it, measure it and enhance it

Staff Training

How to design the environment to optimise welfare and promote natural behaviour

 EnvironmentAL  design

Advice on adhering to legal, international or best practice standards, audits and inspections


We assess the problem and offer solutions to specific behavioural problems

Solving  Behavioural Problems

Developing content for public outreach concerning your animal care and welfare efforts

Public outreach material

We can conduct research on the emotional state of animals at your facility, and help publish results

Animal Emotion Research

1 hour virtual consultations for those wanting general advice on a range of welfare problems (see below)


Integration of animal welfare principles and measures into conservation projects​

WELFARE in Conservation Projects

We work with you to design feasible and rewarding scientific programs and projects

Scientific program Development

Program development for training animals using positive reinforcement techniques

Positive Reinforcement Animal Training

And for marine mammals specifically:​

Welfare measures to aid decision-making during stranding, rehabilitation, release or relocation

Welfare of Stranded animals

Ensuring any marine mammal presentations or interactions are centred on the animals' welfare 

Welfare-centred public presentations

Development of specialised programs to keep your animals cognitively challenged

Cognitive Enrichment Plans

The C-Well© is a standardised welfare assessment for dolphins, the only one of its kind worldwide

The C-Well©

How to respond and act on public concerns on marine mammal welfare in situ and online


Send us a message today to enquire about fees and which service might be best for you! 

If you are interested in services that are not listed here, please get in touch anyway as we would be more than happy to tailor our services to your needs.

Working from Home

Welfare 1 to 1

We understand that not everyone has the funds to engage a consultant to conduct welfare assessments. There are also times where a welfare issue can benefit massively from a quick brainstorm with an expert, who can look at the problem from an outsider's perspective.


That's why we set up our "Welfare 1 to 1" sessions, where you get a bespoke  hour long virtual welfare consultation with an animal welfare expert from AWE.

Who is Welfare 1 to 1 for? anyone who wants an expert opinion on a general or specific welfare question or issue. The aim is to develop your understanding of the overall welfare of your animal, i.e. what its overall quality of life is likely to be, as opposed to focussing on single aspects e.g. its health, training, or housing.

What do you get?

  • Scientific explanation of welfare issue

  • Video analysis if you can send any through

  • Summary of likely causes

  • Knowledge and basic tools to monitor it

  • Suggested actions to improve welfare

  • Written summary of the above


What type of welfare issues? Anything that you as an owner, keeper, trainer, or stakeholder identify as reducing the welfare of the animal(s) you care for, but don’t know how to treat.


For example:

  • The zoo animal you care for seems to anticipate feeding time a lot, and you don’t know if it’s an abnormal behaviour or not

  • Your cats don’t seem to get on with each other, and you don’t know how to improve their relationship

  • You want to understand what type of enrichment items you should be making for your animal, and how to schedule it

  • You don’t have a specific issue, but you want to learn more about stereotypic behaviour and how to recognise it


Please note:

  • If your animal’s welfare is obviously and quickly declining, please seek veterinary advice

  • For complex, species-specific behavioural issues, it may be more effective to seek an in-person consultation with an accredited behaviourist

  • All information discussed in the sessions will be fully confidential, but if you're discussing an animal that you don't own, please be aware that you may need to seek permission first


How much does it cost? £40 / €45 / $55 (USD)


Payment options: PayPal, bank transfer or credit/debit card

How do I sign up? Send us an email here with some brief details of your welfare issue or question, and we will get back to you to ask any further questions and organise a convenient time for the session!

If you'd like to pay with PayPal, please use the button below. If you're paying by transfer or credit/debit card, we will send you the relevant details! 



Prioritising good animal welfare is still a relatively new concept to many countries and cultures in both the developed and developing world. For this reason, many animal-use facilities do not have the resources or capacity to spend money on animal welfare. Animal Welfare Expertise engages in several pro bono projects every year, which range from providing welfare expertise free of charge to helping publish papers, and volunteering on the ground for animal projects. 

If you'd like to support Animal Welfare Expertise in these pro bono efforts and allow us to improve welfare for those animals that most need it, we'd be over the moon! You can donate using the PayPal button below (not tax-deductible as AWE is not a charity or non-profit).

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