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Team of advisors

"Animal welfare is a multidimensional concept comprising both physical and mental aspects". 

— J. Rushen, A. Butterworth & J. C. Swanson, Journal of Animal Science 2011

Team of ADVISOrs

The above quote demonstrates the holistic, all-encompassing nature of assessing welfare. Therefore, in order to provide the best welfare evaluations possible, AWE has engaged a team of international experts on animal welfare. Together, their world-leading knowledge and experience covers the many different contexts where welfare assessments occur. For each case AWE works on, the advisors with expertise regarding the environment, species and/or welfare issue will be consulted and their suggestions integrated into the project.  

Dr Andy Butterworth 

WelfareMax and Animal Welfare Training Ltd


Animal welfare scientist, WelfareQuality project, Veterinarian, marine mammal welfare

Dr Karen Stockin 

Director of the Coastal-Marine Research Group, Massey University, New Zealand

Marine mammal biology & behaviour, wild animal welfare, Anthropogenic & Environmental Impact Studies

Dr Niels van Elk

Consultant veterinarian


Marine mammal veterinarian, marine mammal regulations and management, health-related welfare indicators

Dr Xavier Manteca

Professor, School of Veterinary Science, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain

Veterinarian, farm and zoo animal welfare scientist

Steve Hearn

Founder at Marine Mammal Specialist


Animal training expert, captive marine mammal management and public presentation, exhibit design

Dr Andrew Greenwood

Consultant at International Veterinary Zoo Group


Veterinarian, zoo animal health and welfare, speciality in marine mammals and birds

Rebecca Sommerville

MSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare, NGO Behaviour Officer


Animal welfare assessment and improvement for canine, equine, farm and wild species

Dr Jill Richardson

Program Director, Marine Ecosystems and Society, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami


Marine mammal behaviour, acoustics, welfare, cognition, and health; education; outreach; C-Well© advisor

Dr Holli Eskelinen

Assistant Director of Research Dolphins Plus | Dolphins Plus Marine Mammal Responder


Marine mammal behaviour, bioacoustics, cognition, welfare, and health; C-Well© advisor


Laura Riem

Independent Zoological consultant (website)

Animal behaviour, training and welfare, coaching for team leaders and keepers

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