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Welfare 1-to-1 Consultation: Option A

Welfare 1-to-1 Consultation: Option A

SKU: w121A

This Welfare 1-to-1 option is an hour-long virtual welfare consultation with an animal welfare expert from AWE, for anyone who would like to brainstorm a situation with an expert, who can look at the problem from an outsider's perspective. The aim is to develop your understanding of the overall welfare of the animal(s), i.e., what overall quality of life is likely to be, as opposed to focussing on single aspects e.g. its health, training, or housing.


    What do you get?

    • Scientific explanation of welfare issue

    • Video analysis if you can send any through

    • Summary of likely causes

    • Knowledge and basic tools to monitor it

    • Suggested actions to improve welfare

    • Written summary of the above


    As this product is a virtual consultation, there is no option to return your item. However, if you are dissatisfied with the consultation, please get in touch with us using the Contact form of our website and let us know why the experience did not live up to your expectations. We will then work with each customer on a case-by-case basis.


    • If your animal’s welfare is obviously and quickly declining, please seek veterinary advice

    • AWE does not accept any liability for any advice given during the Welfare 1-to-1 sessions

    • For some issues, it may be more effective to seek an in-person consultation with an accredited behaviourist

    • All information discussed in the sessions will be fully confidential, but if you're discussing an animal that you don't own, please be aware that you may need to seek permission first

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