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There are many animal welfare issues facing society, and often the facts are confusing in terms of how the animals are actually coping. This blog is called #HowDoTheyFeel and provides short exposés on certain welfare topics which are either topical or would benefit from clarification.


Please get in touch to suggest ideas for future posts, and feel free to spread the love in order to share the knowledge!


 *I'm an expert in some but not all of these topics, and where I'm not I review the available literature and concluding on the likely level of welfare. I would always love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Blog #3:


Animals are ‘adaptable optimists’, and could teach us how to better deal with life's challenges

Videoblog #2:

Are animals optimists or pessimists?

Blog #1:

Are American wild mustangs in poor welfare?

Mustangs and burros vs. the American obsession for meat

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