At Animal Welfare Expertise we place objectivity at the heart of our work. We use science and experience to produce unbiased results and recommendations on animal welfare. 


RESource and Environment  design
Protocol Development
Staff Training
Adherence to Standards
Solving  Behavioural Problems
Public outreach material
Animal Emotion Research
Animal Welfare Impact Assessments
WELFARE in Conservation Projects
Scientific program Development
Positive Reinforcement Animal Training

In addition, for marine mammals specifically:​

The C-Well©
Welfare of Stranded animals
Welfare-centred public presentations
Cognitive Enrichment Plans
Addressing Public Concerns

If you are interested in services that are not listed here, please                        so that we can work on tailoring our expertise to your needs.


Dr Isabella Clegg founded Animal Welfare Expertise with the overall goal of using science to improve animal welfare. She felt the key was to increase the flow of information from the scientific domain towards those responsible for wild and captive animals. Isabella has ​been passionate about animal welfare from a young age, but like many did not know that such principles could be the foundation of an academic career. She studied Animal Behaviour & Welfare at the University of Bristol, before completing a Masters in Marine Biology (focus on Marine Mammal Science) at the University of Miami. Here, she teamed her knowledge of welfare science with captive dolphin management to develop the first welfare assessment in this setting, the C-Well© Assessment (further details). 

This experience led Isabella to propose a project and win funding from the French government (ANRT), and the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, to conduct a PhD at the Université Paris 13, Sorbonne Paris Cité, in developing welfare parameters for captive dolphins. The work went deeper into measuring animal emotions and was completed in 2017, leading to a number of high-profile publications and media recognition. 

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Now, Isabella is focussing on furthering awareness of behaviour and welfare issues among those working with animals, through the organisation AWE. Her main specialty lies in marine mammals and zoo animal welfare assessment, but she has theoretical and practical experience in many other areas. She has previously consulted on wildlife campaigns for NGOs (e.g. WAP's Marine Debris campaign), government deliberations over captive animals (Barcelona Zoo, Spain), and has been on the ground taking data for conservation projects (ABYSS, La Réunion; Whale Shark Conservation, Mozambique). 

Due to the inherent subjectivity present in welfare evaluations and advice, Isabella has engaged a team of welfare experts- world-leaders in their specialities- to share their experience and advice on each case. Meet AWE's Team of Advisors here.  

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